No to Racism

We in Britain should not just be appalled by the overt racism regularly experienced by black people in the US, we should be horrified by the systemic racism which is alive and well in our own Country too.

Racism towards Black and Ethnic minorities still permeates British Society, recent examples include Grenfell Tower fire, the Windrush Scandal, Covid19(a disproportionate number of deaths from Black and Ethnic minorities communities), the treatment of Asylum Seekers, the list goes on…..Recent Political changes have created concrete structures to allow racism flourish and spread the virus of white supremacy.

We need to turn the tide, dismantle these racist structures and destroy this racist virus.

White people can’t pretend that they haven’t been formed by an overly racist society. They need to recognise their own unconscious bias and white privilege, listen to what it is like to be black or ethnic minority in this Country today and find a way to understand. It is not enough to say” I am not racist” they have to become Anti-racist.

This work is for the long haul, it’s not to make white people feel better but to make an active commitment to make our society better and heal our Human family making it whole.

Chair of Fresh Start NL

Purple Summer

Friday 12th June is the world wide campaign to raise awareness of all types of child abuse. In North Lanarkshire we are very lucky to have one of the amazing charities that deal with child abuse. Moira Anderson Foundation offers individual care and support to survivors of childhood sexual abuse and their families and seeks to lessen the impact of trauma in their lives.

For more information please click on the link below to take you to there website.